The Meaning of Angels in Dreams

The Meaning of Angels in Dreams: Insights into Your Inner Self

Fred Bahnson 

Have you ever had a dream where you encounter an angel? Dreams involving angels are thought to be significant and interpreted with various meanings. Angels can appear in many different forms and styles, indicating different emotions and messages. In this article, we will explore the symbolism behind angels in dreams and what they may mean for you.

The Symbolism of Angels in Dreams

Angels represent much more than just winged creatures that help people in need. In our dreams, angels can represent various things, such as purity, guidance, hope, and protection. Often, they are seen as messengers or intermediaries between humans and the divine. Dreams about angels can also be viewed as a source of inspiration, hope, and renewal.

If you dream of an angel flying or glowing, it is a positive sign that you are destined for success and fortunate in your future endeavors. It symbolizes protection and happiness in your life.

However, if you see an angel in your dream standing still and holding a sword, it may be a sign of judgement. It could indicate that your actions or choices may lead to serious consequences.

Furthermore, angels in white robes signal that change is coming and you will soon enter a phase of life where you will feel comfortable and protected.

What Do Child Angels Mean in Dreams?

Dreams with child angels represent the need to have a pure soul, innocence, and inner peace. Child angels are believed to signify a need for protection or a mentor on your spiritual journey. If you dream of child angels, it can be interpreted as positive, as they indicate that you are accompanied and protected in difficult times.

The Role of Angels in Freudian Psychology

In Freudian psychoanalysis, the angel in dreams represents the superego – the part of our personality that regulates our impulses and enforces ethical and moral codes. Our conscience and values, learned from our parents and society belong to the superego aspect of our personalities. The id, or devil in Freudian terms, represents our impulsive and unconscious desires that aim for immediate pleasure.

The ego in this model mediates between the id and the superego and tries to find balance between them. In dreams, angels can represent our sense of right and wrong, reminding us to be true to our values and ideals.

The Significance of Angels Delivering Messages in Dreams

If an angel delivers a message in your dream, it may symbolize guidance from a greater and more profound understanding of yourself. It is considered wise to take the message to heart, even if you don’t necessarily believe in an overarching spiritual context to the message. Dreaming of an angel delivering a message may be a signpost to greater meaning and fulfillment in your life.


Dreams involving angels contain significant symbolism and can be interpreted in various ways. Dreaming about angels can indicate hope, purity, innocence, transformation, success, judgement, and guidance from a greater force. Understanding your dreams help you to understand your own patterns of behavior, what you believe constitutes ethical or moral action, how you make decisions, and your relationship to the world around you. Pay attention to your dreams about angels, reflect on their meanings, apply some effort to understand, and see if they show you something about yourself.