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Paul Rabil: Exploring His Net Worth, Income, Salary, and Biography

Fred Bahnson 


Paul J. Rabil is a highly skilled professional lacrosse player known for his contributions to the sport. Currently playing for the New York Lizards in Major League Lacrosse and the Philadelphia Wings in the National Lacrosse League, Rabil has established himself as a prominent figure in the lacrosse world. In this article, we delve into Paul Rabil’s net worth, income, salary, and provide an overview of his impressive career.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on December 14, 1985, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, Paul Rabil exhibited a passion for lacrosse from a young age. He honed his skills while playing for Johns Hopkins University’s collegiate squad, showcasing his talent and dedication to the sport. In 2008, Rabil transitioned to a professional playing career, embarking on a journey that would solidify his status as one of the top lacrosse players in the world.

Paul Rabil’s Net Worth

As of early 2016, Paul Rabil’s net worth was estimated to be over $300,000. Throughout his professional career as a lacrosse player, Rabil has amassed a substantial fortune through various income streams.

Paul Rabil’s Income and Salary

Let’s take a closer look at Paul Rabil’s income and salary:

  • Per Year: $400,000
  • Per Month: $32,000
  • Per Week: $8,000
  • Per Day: $1,140
  • Per Hour: $19
  • Per Minute: $0.3
  • Per Second: $0.05

These figures highlight the significant earnings that Paul Rabil has achieved through his lacrosse career.

Biography at a Glance

  • Date of Birth: December 14, 1985
  • Place of Birth: Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
  • Profession: Professional Lacrosse Player
  • Education: DeMatha Catholic High School, Johns Hopkins University
  • Nationality: United States

Notable Achievements

Throughout his career, Paul Rabil has garnered numerous accolades, including:

  • MLL MVP award in 2011
  • Steinfeld Cup championship in 2011
  • Offensive Player of the Year awards

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Paul Rabil has established himself as a highly successful professional lacrosse player, contributing significantly to the sport and earning a considerable net worth. With his impressive career accomplishments and ongoing dedication, Rabil continues to make a significant impact on the lacrosse community.