Step-by-step Proxy Settings in WinGate

Step-by-step Proxy Settings in WinGate

Fred Bahnson 

Hey everyone, you are on the Proxy Seller Channel. My name is Max, and in today’s episode, I’ll be showing you how to set up a proxy in WinGate. WinGate is an advanced all-in-one internet gateway and communication server that addresses the security management and email requirements of modern Internet-connected enterprises. Adding a proxy to your connection can significantly enhance its security. So let’s get started!

  1. Navigate to the Navigation section: Go to the navigation section in WinGate and select “Service.”
  2. Install the Proxy Service: Click on “Install Service” and select “www.proxy service” from the available list.
  3. Specify Configuration Name: In the window that appears, specify a name for the configuration.
  4. Delete Active Bindings: Head over to the bindings item and delete all active bindings.
  5. Add External Adapter: Click on “ADD” and select any external adapter. Save the configuration by clicking on “OK.”
  6. Go to the Web Server Tab: Now, go to the “Web Server” tab.
  7. Choose an Existing Configuration: Choose an existing configuration and edit it by clicking on “Edit.”
  8. Select Reverse Proxy: In the window that opens, select “Reverse Proxy.”
  9. Add Proxy IP and Port: Add the proxy IP and port to the configuration. Save the configuration by clicking on “OK.”

Congratulations! You have now successfully set up a proxy connection for your WinGate. Your connection is now secure.

I also want to remind you that working with free proxies is not safe, does not guarantee anonymity, and can lead to blocking. To remain anonymous on the network and ensure your security, it is recommended to purchase a private proxy. An advanced proxy provider,, offers 100% anonymity on the network, security, performance guarantee for the chosen purpose, and 24/7 customer support service. The link will be in the description.

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