Shared Dreams

Shared Dreams: A Rare Occurrence Between Emotionally Close Individuals

Fred Bahnson 

Dreams have always been a topic of interest and fascination for humankind. They are a unique experience, a way for our unconscious mind to communicate with us in a symbolic and often cryptic way. Dreams can be confusing and downright weird, and it’s not uncommon for people to have shared or connected dreams with someone else.

What are shared dreams?

Shared dreams occur when two people dream about the same thing or scenario. It is a rare occurrence, with only one in a thousand people reporting it. Shared dreaming can happen spontaneously, or it can be planned and incubated. It often occurs between emotionally close individuals such as couples, siblings, parents and children, best friends, and even twins.

What causes shared dreams?

There is little scientific research on shared dreaming, but it is believed that it could indicate a profound empathic connection with the other person. When two people share a deep emotional bond, it’s possible that they can tune in to each other’s unconscious mind, which can lead to shared dreams.

Are shared dreams real?

Shared dreams are real in the sense that two people can dream about the same thing or scenario. However, it’s important to note that even if you have the same dream as someone else, your interpretation and feelings about it can be different. Different people have various backgrounds, experiences, and perceptions of the world around them, which can impact their interpretation of the dream. There is no reason to think of yourself as weird if you have a different view of the same dream.


Dreams are a unique and personal experience that varies from person to person. Shared dreaming is a rare phenomenon that can occur between emotionally close individuals, and there is not much scientific research available on it. It can indicate a deep empathic connection with the other person, but it’s important to remember that the interpretation and feelings associated with the dream are individual experiences that differ from person to person. Dreams are a fascinating part of being human, and shared dreams add another level of mystery to the already enigmatic world of dreams.