Ice Plant Jade

Ice Plant Jade: Understanding Its Healing Properties, Meaning, and Uses

Fred Bahnson 

Incorporating the power of crystals can have a significant impact on our well-being and daily lives. The ice plant jade, in particular, is a coveted stone revered for its connection with balance, harmony, and good health.

Ice plant jade is a variety of jade that boasts smooth, icy hues of green and mixed with cloud-like whites. It is regarded as a living stone and shares a special connection with the heavens and earth, embodying sunlight and stars’ luminosity.

The Qualities of Ice Plant

Jade Ice plant jade represents balance, protection, and serenity. It is believed to have the ability to balance bodily fluids and strengthen filtering organs such as the bladder, kidneys, spleen, and adrenal glands. As a semi-precious gemstone, it has a smooth and sleek texture and creates a higher-pitched ring when tapped, indicating its high-grade and quality.

Ice plant jade has five primary colors, each with its unique meaning and symbolism. Its green variety signifies longevity and well-being into your life, closely connected to the wood element in feng shui. Similarly, red (also known as hong red) is associated with love, joy, and the fire element. But, white jade is believed to bring calmness and purpose, associated with the metal element.

Types of Ice Plant Jade

Ice plant jade comes in two types of crystals: nephrite and jadeite. Nephrite is usually dark green but sometimes displays softer colors like orange and white jade. Jadeite is rare and displays more translucent qualities and diverse greens, even lavender hues. Its crystalline structure is distinguished by grainy, densely packed crystals compared to nephrite’s matted and fibrous ones.

The Healing Properties of Ice Plant

Jade Ice plant jade is known for its healing properties. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it can aid and enhance bodily functions, support cellular and skeletal systems, and help heal physical injuries, among others. Jade rollers and gua sha flat stone tools are also used in alternative medicine practices.

Ice Plant Jade for Feng Shui

Feng shui harmonizes homes and spaces by adjusting the energy flow. Ice plant jade’s incorporation can enhance the energy of qi or life force in your space. Ice plant jade figurines, jewelry pieces, and carvings are also popular for feng shui adjustments, ensuring a balanced and serene environment.

Final Thoughts

Ice plant jade is more than just a semi-precious gemstone; its connection to energy and balance has made it a desirable choice for many. Incorporating ice plant jade in your life and home can bring about a natural calmness, enhance healing properties, and spread positive energy within your space. So, add a little harmony to your daily life by bringing ice plant jade into your life and home.