Monks, Mushrooms, and the Sacramental Nature of Everyday Eating

Excerpt from faithandleadership.com

During the four years I directed a church-supported community garden ministry we would often hold Eucharist in the garden on our Saturday workdays. I came to learn what was confirmed at Mepkin: that the sacrament of Christ’s body and blood doesn’t end at the communion table. It spreads outward into the streets and fields, the creeks and rivers, the gardens and mushroom buildings, the Thanksgiving feasts and the monks’ Spartan tables and back again to the lifted elements. Had we the “conviction of things not seen” we would recognize this seamless flow of nutrients both visible and invisible, profane and holy. And we would be changed.

Monks, Mushrooms, and the Sacramental Nature of Everyday Eating, Faith & Leadership. Read full article

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